Double Cantilever Car Parking Shades KSA

Are you looking for a reliable and stylish way to protect your car from the harsh sun and weather in Saudi Arabia? If so, you might be interested in the Double Cantilever Car Parking Shades from Umbrella Parking Shades, the leading supplier of shading solutions in the region.

Double Cantilever Car Parking Shades are designed to offer maximum coverage and stability for your parking area, without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. These shades feature a double-sided structure that can accommodate multiple vehicles, while leaving the central space free for easy access and movement. The shades are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to UV rays, heat, dust, and water, ensuring durability and performance for years to come.

Umbrella Parking Shades is a trusted name in the shading industry, with over 20 years of experience and expertise in providing customized solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We have a team of skilled engineers, designers, and installers who can handle any project, big or small, with professionalism and efficiency. We also offer competitive prices, fast delivery, and excellent after-sales service for your satisfaction.

Our company provide a wide range of Quality Products.

FEATURE OF Double Cantilever Car Parking Shades LATEST DESIGN 2024

There are multiple advantages that Double cantilever shades provide, like:

  • Double-sided coverage for multiple vehicles
  • High-quality materials resistant to UV, heat, dust, and water
  • Various colors and designs to choose from
  • Easy installation and maintenance with 10-year warranty

We manufacture and deliver both Single and double Cantilever car parking shades. Its also available in various sizes for your car and you can adjust size according to your requirements.

Available Sizes

Standard Sizes Are:

  • 6.0m x 3.0m (Good For 1 Car)
  • 6.0m x 6.0m (Good For 2 Car)
  • 2.5m Open Height (Height can be modified on Request)

Size can be Modified as Per request.


  • PVC
  • PTFE
  • HDPE
  • FRP/GRP Sheet


Structures Are:

  • Base Plate
  • Recessed Base Plate
  • Embed mounting designs

Color Options

White | Cream | Green | Dark Green

Dark Grey | Grey | Orange | Yellow

Black | Red | Blue | Dark Blue

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