Canopies Car Parking Shades

Umbrella Parking Shades manufactures and supplies Canopies Car Parking Shades in Saudi Arabia. Canopies parking shades provide functionality, aesthetic look and transform your outdoor space making it perfect for different activities.

Canopies: Definition and Types

A canopy is a structure that provide overhead shelter, made from classic material like canvas vinyl, or different weather-resistance fabrics. The structure for these shades can be freestanding or it can be attached with building. These shades comes in various types like pop-up canopies, carport canopies, garden canopies and portable canopies.

Factor to Consider for Choosing right Canopies

Its important to consider few things when buying canopies shades like intent of use, dimension, construction and cost. Consider these aspects when searching for canopies for having good decision and get the most out of your investment.

  • Versatility: Canopies are very much versatile. It can transform your outdoor area and give it aesthetic look with high protection of your car.
  • Protection: These shades protect your car from UV rays, snow fall and hazards weather conditions hence protection your and your guest car in these conditions.
  • Aesthetic: The structure of these shades increase the beauty of your outdoor parking area, making it attractive and give aesthetic look.

Our company provide a wide range of Quality Products.


There are multiple types of canopies shades:

  • Outdoor canopies
  • Portable Canopies
  • Canopy tents
  • Event Canopies
  • Patio Canopies
  • Commercial Canopies
  • Garden Canopies
  • Shade Canopies
  • Pop-up Canopies
  • Canopy awning

We manufacture and deliver canopy car parking shades. Its also available in various sizes for your car and you can adjust size according to your requirements.

Available Sizes

Standard Sizes Are:

  • 6.0m x 3.0m (Good For 1 Car)
  • 6.0m x 6.0m (Good For 2 Car)
  • 2.5m Open Height (Height can be modified on Request)

Size can be Modified as Per request.


  • PVC
  • PTFE
  • HDPE


Structures Are:

  • Cantilever
  • Pyramid
  • Umbrella
  • K Span
  • GRP

Color Options

White | Cream | Green | Dark Green

Dark Grey | Grey | Orange | Yellow

Black | Red | Blue | Dark Blue

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