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When owning a vehicle, protecting it becomes your main priority. Weather its heavy rain, sun heat or snow Umbrella Parking Shades Provide all types of Car Parking Shades to protect your car in all areas of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

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Welcome to Umbrella Parking Shades

Umbrella Parking Shades is specialize in Car Parking Shade design, manufacturing, and installation across the KSA. We are the team of pro workers with over 25+ Years of experience. We Manufacture all types of Parking Shades, Playground Shades and Pool Shades in Dammam, Makkah and All the other cities of Saudi Arabia.

We have different varieties of fabrics or structure for car parking shades, which you can check on the product list mentioned below or from our google business profile where with parking shades you can easily find the location and contact info.

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Riyadh Region:

Makkah Region:
Al-Madinah al-Munawwarah

Eastern Province:
Al Khobar
Al Qatif
Ras Tanura
Al Hofuf
Al Jubail
Hafar Al Batin

Al-Qassim Region:
Al Qurayyat

Tabuk Region:

Jazan Region:

Hail Region:

Najran Region:

Northern Borders Region:
Al Namas

Asir Region:
Khamis Mushait

Makkah Province:
Al Qunfudhah

Al Bahah Region:
Al Bahah

Qassim Region:
Ar Rass

Al Jawf Region:

Al Wajh Region:
Al Wajh

Al-Sharqiyah Region:
Ad Dilam
Al Lith
Al Qaisumah
Al Duwadimi

Services Provided for you

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KSA – Parking Shades in Saudi Arabia by Umbrella

We at Umbrella Parking Shades Provide you the best services for any type of shades and also suggest the possible and more reliable ideas for the type of shade you want. Along with maintaining the whole process, successfully making your dream shade and apart from that you can stay in touch with us through contact support.

  • Maintenance

We offers expert maintenance in the Saudi Arabia. Ensure longevity and optimal performance with our dedicated teams, providing regular inspections and prompt servicing for lasting protection.

  • Installation

Choose Umbrella Parking Shades for expert installation across the KSA. We deliver precision and efficiency, transforming your spaces with top-quality shades for optimal protection and style.

  • Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our priority. Dedicated KSA support for all your needs, from installation to personalized solutions.



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Umbrella Parking Shades Manager


Our team of professionals ensures the swift and efficient installation of domestic and commercial parking shade covers in Jeddah City, Dammam, or anywhere else in Saudi Arabia. Safety and protection are our top priorities, and our experienced installation staff ensures a seamless process.

Ahad Andeel

What We Do?

Umbrella Parking Shades boasts its dedicated professional engineering team, equipped to overcome any technical challenges. Our team excels in addressing all project requirements, offering comprehensive services that include design, modeling, drawing, and patterning.

We are fully prepared to tackle even the most demanding projects in the Saudi Arabia, ensuring top-notch solutions for all your engineering needs.

Umbrella Parking Shades is committed to meeting the project requirements efficiently. We source all necessary materials from our trusted network of local and international suppliers to ensure readiness for the fabrication process.

Our seamless coordination with suppliers in the KSA and beyond guarantees a smooth flow of materials, making sure every element is in place for the successful execution of your project.

At Umbrella Parking Shades, our certified professional team leverages the latest technologies to meticulously collect technical data and manufacture project parts.

With a commitment to excellence, we ensure the highest quality and timely delivery, meeting the exacting standards of projects in the KSA.

Operating daily in a well-organized structure, our installation teams cover all areas of the Saudi Arabia. Punctual and equipped with the necessary tools, they are ready for projects of all kinds, ensuring timely and efficient service.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

A Parking shades is a structure designed to protect your vehicle from sunrays and rain.

The one of the best benefits of parking shades is that it increase the life of your vehicle by protecting it from toxic environment.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a fabric used in parking shades known for its amazing protecting properties.

The single post structure ideal for the less space areas is called Park Cantilevers.

Yes, as your vehicle is not designed to protect itself from heat and other toxic rays that’s why its always essential to parking your car in shades every time. It increases the life of your vehicle and protect the paint.